During my internship, I came up with some ideas for feature wall coverings.  I took inspiration from welsh weather and scenery, and wanted to create moody designs using texture.  In my final designs, I re-evaluated the colours and took inspiration from colours that the company were selling well.

These designs were not used in production, however, I liked the way they came out.  After the final designs, is my thought process and designs leading up to the finals.

wall6 A4
Final design
wall7 A4
Final design
wall8 A4
Final design

I started with these landscape designs below, but felt that there was too much imagery and it was too colourful for a feature wall covering.  The landscape would make a lovely picture in a child’s bedroom and the floral design might look better on clothing.



Above: The floral designs coordinate with the landscape designs.

I then moved to a more simplified version of my idea by using abstract mapping of a welsh village.  This was not the look I wanted to achieve, and I went back to the moody scenery idea, as I felt it would be more saleable.

Map welshpool

Above: These two designs were made to illustrate a village in wales in an abstract mapping style.