Designs to Wear

These are designs I’ve done in my free time – ideas that I converted into garments.

Rave Shirts: My friends had been looking for loud shirts to wear to raves and festivals, but couldn’t find anything that they liked.  As a result, I decided I’d design some for them, and get them printed and made.  These came out so well and I am currently in the process of making more!

Dress: I wanted to make a summer dress with a matching choker that would go with my blue velvet shoes.  So I hand drew some flowers and completed the design using Illustrator and Photoshop.  I also wanted the print to be really bright so I chose a sateen fabric to print on.  I love the way it came out and its so comfortable!

Shorts: I really wanted a pair of girly, flared leather shorts and couldn’t find a pair ANYWHERE that I liked, so I decided to make a them 🙂