I have made and altered many of my clothes.  Below are some examples of my sewing capabilities.

From Top Left to Bottom Right:

  1. Dead Disney Halloween theme.  I bought two cinderella costumes very cheaply on ebay and altered them into one costume.  I then added a white net tutu (which I also made) underneath the skirt part of the dress, to make it that puffy effect.
  2. I made this dress out of a mens t-shirt.  I cut and sewed in the elastic for the ‘off shoulder’ look, and sewed denim stars all over it.  I also made a denim belt to accompany it. I wore this to a few raves.
  3. I bought both black and white mesh bodysuits off Boohoo.com.  I also bought the embroidered flowers separately off ebay and sewed them onto the mesh bodysuits.  I have used a digital sewing machine a few times in the past, but found buying the flowers already made, to make the process much quicker.
  4. I had one of my designs printed onto fabric and made two tops out of it.  One of them is a top for dancing – hence the tassels – and the other is a gym top.  Both are made to be part of my activewear range.
  5. I bought the cream playsuit on inthestyle.co.uk, but felt that it was a bit short and lacked extra details.  I decided to make belt out of lace for it and added lace to the bottom to lengthen it.